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What would you do?

Everyone should know by now how contagious COVID is and those at higher risk due to a weak immune system need to be extra cautious. With that said,..


Everyone should know by now how contagious COVID is and those at higher risk due to a weak immune system need to be extra cautious. With that said, what would you have done if your neighbor, who was COVID positive about a month and a half ago fell near the end of her driveway? Would you fear she was still contagious and act as if you did not see the fall OR would you have found a way to help your neighbor?

The reason for my questions is because a few days ago when I was taking the trash out, I noticed our neighbor across the street was on the ground. Apparently, she was taking her dog out to use the bathroom and when she fell, she let go of the dog’s leash. I attempted to just call the neighbor’s name and ask if she was okay. When she did not respond, I went closer to her and grabbed the dog’s leash to ensure she did not get away. It did not look like she hit her head, but she was not making sense.

Considering our neighbor still was not standing, I told her I was going to help her get back on her feet. With the dog’s leash in one hand, I placed my other hand under her arm and told her while I tried to lift her, I needed her to use her to use her knees and try to stand. This process took three tries, but I was able to get her to her feet. My husband was not pleased with me putting myself at risk and I should have called her husband because I could have easily injured myself but calling this lady’s husband was the last thing I would have wanted to do.

Although I know this person recently had COVID and is another person that is probably anti-vaccine, I was not able to ignore her on the ground with scraps on her hands. It is crazy how quickly my certified nursing assistant training came back to me because it has been about 15 years since I worked in that field. I may be wrong about this, but I think much of our previous knowledge stores inside the back of our mind, but the actions involved are like riding a bike.

Normally, I try avoiding our neighbors like the plague because we are complete opposites and not in an interesting way. When differences can cause massive disagreements with a possibility to become volatile, avoidance is much safer. There is something about our neighbor’s husband that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I am sure he is harmless, but overwhelmingly strange. Most of us have good common sense and we should always trust our instincts.

Do you think what I did was wrong, and I should have handled this situation differently, OR do you think there was nothing wrong with how I handled the situation? What would you have done in a similar situation? I know one of my weaknesses in life is, I sometimes care too much and put other’s needs ahead of my own. It is just who I am, and I do not think this is something worth changing. What do you think?

Thank you for visiting my site today. I hope you had a great and safe week. I am looking forward to reading your comments about the situation I dealt with a few days ago. I know I am not always right, so I am curious to know if I was right or wrong with my actions. Please never forget that I am always sending y’all LOTS of love, comfort, support, and MANY positive vibes! Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Always, Alyssa


By: Positively Alyssa
Title: What would you do if?
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